Weaver Ants, …stillness of the lake…

Before you start reading this post, make sure you have checked the most recent post on this colony https://ants853.com/2020/02/14/weaver-ants-bringing-up-the-heat/

Here is a brief of last week’s post – I added a ceramic bulb to warm them up, I found 3 dead discarded pupae and found them quite inactive.

And in this week’s short update.

This week, I found the ants to be more active than last couple of weeks.

I could see them frequently coming down to tend the mealybug, which was awesome! I could see at one time 4 workers!!

They haven’t been using the honey feeding dish, so I decided to make usage of their foraging trail, and place a mini dish near it, to see if I could attract them towards the honey.

They could smell the honey, but weren’t finding it easily… it was awkward.

Next day though, things were different. They found it and were coming down to collect some.

Regarding the feeding, this week I tried to give them a moth, which they grabbed, but soon after discarded… not sure why, but it wasn’t accepted.

Today, I will feed them the normal baby roach… see if they show more interest.

And today, I found the 1st discarded pupae of the week, and 4th overall. I would say I didn’t like to find it, but regarding the trend, going down from 3 to 1, doesn’t seem bad… hope the heat is making a difference.

Finally, I noticed that the 3rd nest started to wrinkle and turn black.

It is in the exact same spot where I could observe the dead bodies remains, so I am guessing they are related. I think I will open this one up to show you next week, what is actually happening inside.

Regarding the 4th nest, its still in good shape and looking vivid!

What do you think of all of this? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!! And I would truly appreciate if you could follow the blog if you enjoy the content and the weekly posts!

Well, this is all for this week’s updates! Thank you for taking the time to read the posts, and leave me a comment if you want, and see you next week!

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