All aboard ! The Tyrant Ship is setting sail !

Before you start reading this post, make sure you have checked the most recent post on this colony

Two weeks have passed since last post !

In these two weeks, I added the test tube to its own outworld. With proper feeding dish, water and honey water feeding dispensers (from ByFormica, the absolute best).

I added a special plastic plug with a small plastic tube inside, just to help restrict the entrance. It helps the ants feel way more secure! But, guess it wasn’t enough for them.

The workers decided to close themselves inside. Guess its still not the proper time for the colony to get introduced. I always try to provide the ants with the necessary materials to do what they most desire. And this is how we communicate to each other 😉

But I am not worried, I know they are fine, and when they start needing food again, they will come out!

The photo below was taken two weeks ago:

The photo below was taken today:

From 2 workers to 6 workers!

And more are on their way! The temperatures have been constant at between 24 to 25C (or 75.2 to 77 F), so is looking quite good for their development.

We can clearly see pupae, last larval instar and eggs as well. Just the type of brood differentiation that gives you the confidence that good things are coming… This Tyrant Ship is clearly setting sail !

Have you noticed that the queen has a small gaster damage in one of her plates? Seems deformed/broken 😦

Not sure when this happened, but i checked older photos, and she also has it… maybe during capture , ouch!

This is all for this week’s post ! But I will leave with some photos of this species in their natural habitat.

What do you think of all of this? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!! And I would truly appreciate if you could follow the blog if you enjoy the content and the weekly posts!

Well, this is all for this week’s updates! Thank you for taking the time to read the posts and see you next week!


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